How To Use Wireless Mouse Without Receiver

The wireless mouse is an exciting invention that removes cord problems while providing more room and comfort to use it. It uses Bluetooth or a Nano receiver to connect to the laptop, and you can use it from anywhere under a certain distance once it is connected. A wireless mouse comes with its receiver that can be connected to the laptop. However there any many instances where we lose receiver. Therefore in this article we will tell you a way to use Wireless mouse without receiver.

Both the wireless device and receiver work on the same dedicated frequency to connect. That is why even in a room where multiple wireless devices are present, your device won’t be connected to another laptop. With the dedicated receiver, you can easily use your wireless device by plugging the receiver into the computer. Wireless Mouse can be very useful for gaming. We have reviewed Top gaming mouse under $50 for your convenience.

Losing your Receiver:

However, it is a different story if you lost your receiver and need to connect the wireless mouse to your laptop without the receiver. We will also look at that, but here is how to connect your wireless mouse with your computer. Every wireless device comes with its dedicated receiver that works under a unique frequency, so all you have to do is plug the receiver into the laptop and turn on the wireless mouse.

If you have lost your wireless device receiver and find a way to connect it with your laptop, then it is possible, but you need to know a few things about wireless mice before that.

How do I connect a wireless mouse without a receiver?

Wireless mouse uses in two different ways. Modern wireless mice are being manufactured with both features. Bluetooth radio frequency that uses Bluetooth signals to connect and Radiofrequency that is adjusted according to the receiver.

Some mice can only work on RF(Radiofrequency), so be sure to buy one that can use both frequencies, or you won’t be able to connect it.

Steps to Follow for pairing new Device:

Step to follow to connect Wireless Mouse Without Receiver with your PC
Step to follow to connect Wireless Mouse Without Receiver with your PC

Things to keep in mind:

It will take some time to find the device and pairing it with it, but it is a quick and straightforward method that requires no deep knowledge about computers or devices.

Purchase the latest models:

That is all possible. If your laptop allows you to connect to unidentified signals, it is excellent, but you may need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle of any kind if it doesn’t. Some dongles allow multiple devices to be connected through them, and there is just a place for one device.

Update the drivers in your computer:

Be sure to install the driver software provided with the mouse, or else the mouse won’t work. Plug the Bluetooth dongle into your laptop or PC and make sure it is compatible with your mouse and give some time to your computer to recognize the device. If it starts blinking, then it means the mouse is connected and is ready to be used.

Drawbacks of RF connectors:

Wireless devices extensively used RF devices when wireless devices were in their beginning state, but many drawbacks to RF devices. They are more prone to interference and cover less area than Bluetooth, and once you lost the RF connector, it won’t work the same with any other RF connector.

Best Example of Bluetooth Mouse:

That is why it is better to get a Bluetooth mouse with RF features for a better working experience. As the modern world is evolving, new technology is being introduced; for instance, Logitech mice are one such example of evolution; they can be connected to any unifying receiver available, and all of them can be directly connected to your laptop using Bluetooth signals.


In the end, it is possible to use the wireless mouse to the laptop without a receiver if your laptop allows Bluetooth transmission, and if it doesn’t, you can use a Bluetooth dongle that will allow you to connect to your computer.

Another thing you need to have a mouse that can emit Bluetooth signals, not only RF signals. You don’t need a receiver if you have a Bluetooth mouse and all you need to do is ensure that the mouse is within connecting range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to Wireless mouse and its functions.

Do all wireless mouse need a receiver?

All the wireless mice come with a receiver that connects them with the laptop or PC. However, most modern mice can be connected to a computer without the receiver by using Bluetooth signals.

How do I reset a wireless mouse receiver?

Turn on the power from the button that is located at the bottom of the mouse. And there will be a reset button present there; push it for 5 seconds to reset the mouse.

Can you replace the connector with a wireless mouse?

If you are using a unifying mouse, you can buy a unifying dongle. If you are using a Bluetooth mouse and need a connector, replace it with a Bluetooth connector; however, it can’t be replaced if you use an RF connector.

How will I know that the wireless mouse is connected or not?

When your mouse is connected to your laptop or PC, it will show the red light at the bottom of it. And while it is in pairing mode, it will blink the light.

Which wireless mouse is best for all purposes?

Different mice have good features and high cost, but if we are talking about which type of mouse is best, you should choose Bluetooth as it has a wide range and doesn’t need a connector to connect with your device. However, when you buy a gaming mouse, you may need a connector to access its full abilities.

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