Things to know before buying a Headphone

There are countless headphones out there and a few essential things you must know before purchase. This headphones buyer’s guide will help you to buy the best headphones for you.
Headphones are not just for listening to music; they are more than this everyone’s life.

In today’s innovative era, a lot of types are available in the market. It’s hard to find the perfect pair for you because nothing is perfect in this world. Companies are making earbuds a normal now and it is also strenuous to untangle all the specs, material, software features, and quality, especially when you are new to using headphones.

Don’t worry! We are here to assist you in reducing your buying paralysis by permitting you an ultimate headphones buyer’s guide. So, you can pay less time in research and more time enjoying your best-loved music. Let’s begin.

Genre of headphones

Headphones cover a large assortment of outlying with many sizes, shapes, types of connections, and much more.

In short, all the types fall into two primary classifications, for example, on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones.

We will aid you by providing pros, cons, type of headset, ideal use, and so on to lessen your research.

Over-ear headphones

Over-ear headphones are suitable if your load sound is paramount and you use as gaming headsets. These are also known as studio-style headphones or home headphones.

By look, there will be two large ear-cups along with earmuffs couples via the adaptable headband. Mostly voluminous and bulky but provides the best sound ratings due to its styles.

On-ear headphones

On-ear headphones are your choice when handiness is your priority. It is a common fact that approximately all the headphones are portable and handy.

We use the term on-ear when we want to buy small, lightweight, and portable models so that we can even take them by putting them into our pockets. Sometimes, you acquire small and lightweight headphones, but you might trade on music quality.

Things to know before buying a Headphone - headphones buyer’s guide

Pro Tips in headphones buyer’s guide to find the best for you

Here are the pro tips after years of experience to help you out in finding the best headphones pair:

Assess the Sound Quality:

Sound quality is the crucial thing that you must assess. Just like prominent speakers, the sound spectrum can also be distorted in headphones. You must put forward a headphone over other due to sound quality. It is a fact that if a handset is more portable, the excellent quality will trade-off, but definitely, they will be easier to carry from one place to another.

So, if you like to listen to music in a quiet working space or at home, you must pick up on-ear earbuds with the Active noise cancellation (ANC) feature. Hence, check the sound quality and noise cancellation before purchase.

Wired Headphone to get the best sound:

To listen to serious music, we endorse the models with wired technology. Check for the wired quality and choose the wire with a better rating. There are numerous best-quality headphones models available with wireless technology that have excellent sound. So far, so good; we have not seen any of them that ensure the best sonic sound clarity except corded headphones.

Software update feature in wireless headsets:

Nearly every wireless audio headset comes with its smartphone app, and it’s the way to collect data from you. However, only some app offers advantageous features too. According to our experience, an application can provide you with firmware updates. Some companies provide gatekeeping access to the updates, while many develop their apps with OS agnostic.

For example, if you have Apple AirPods, you can update them only if you have an IOS device. Android users can also use that AirPods but do have access to the updates, and it gives a seamless experience.

Must check for Data collection Apps:

If headphones come with a dedicated smartphone app, it is apparent that they will collect your data even they send it to any third party. Most companies woo with the data collection to some extent by forcing you to accept their terms and conditions or agreement clauses. However, not every company sells your data for their profit; many use it for marketing purposes and to better their product.

Every company, even Google, collects your data to some degree. So, you must be careful by accepting the terms and conditions of the apps.

Shielding from Noise:

Noise isolation is a crucial factor that a headphone user needs. Double-check the noise shielding feature of any headset whenever you are buying from any company or model. Without noise segregation, you will experience bad quality music.

Active Noise Cancellation Effect:

Noise cancellation works separately from noise isolation. Mics with an active noise cancellation feature pick up less surrounding sound. Such headsets are equipped with a small mic or inward-facing mic. The ting surround sound is then sent to another microphone via a chip that creates the same but opposite wave. After that, that noise effect is canceled by using the phenomenon of destructive interference. Remember, it is not an easy task.

Battery Life:

Most of the time, battery timing is not a severe concern while buying headphones. Approximately all the wireless Headphone provide enough battery life that you can easily use the whole day.

All sorts of wireless headsets support fast charging. So, always check the battery life according to your need and requirements.


If you do exercise daily, work in a hot environment, the climate of your living zone is full of rain, or if you have any interaction with water, you must look for water-resistant earphones. Because if you do not buy waterproof, it can be damaged with interaction with water or sweetening.

Furthermore, if you like to listen to music while taking a bath, you have to buy water-resistant; otherwise, that can be damaged with water.

Whole day Conference Calls:

If you are a businessman and your whole day, spend listening to the calls with employees and customers, you must go with a headphone having a premium quality microphone. It will be a plus if you buy it along with the active noise cancellation effect.

Easy and comfortable fit:

Your headset must fit your head if you use over-ear headphones and in your ears if you are using in-ear headphones. It must b easy to wear and comfortable fit. It should not give you fatigue on your ears etc., if you use it for long hours, it must not hurt your ears or head.

Your Budget:

Last but not least, budget is the main thing you should consider before buying a headphone for you. If you have a reasonable budget, don’t be a miser and buy a premium quality product. But if you have a limited budget, research, check reviews of the products that fall under your budget and then buy.


Consequently, we have shared the pro tips in our headphones buyer’s guide that you must check before buying any headphones. Keep all the mentioned things in your mind and don’t forget to check so that you won’t regret them.

Furthermore, if you have any suggestions, query or confusion, we would be happy to help you out.

Happy Listening!

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