How to Clean a Gaming Mouse Pad?

Do you own a gaming mouse pad? How about keeping it clean all the time, especially if you are prone to drinking. Maintaining and cleaning a gaming mouse pad is no doubt a difficult task. If you are a game freak and want to perform high, it’s essential to keep your gaming mouse pad clean and hygienic, as an unhygienic gaming pad may spoil your gaming experience. The answer to your question of how to clean a gaming mouse pad lies in this article.

For this purpose, we have decided to guide our readers about cleaning their gaming mouse pads without getting worried and lazy. A smooth gaming surface is all an avid gamer wants, and we are here to help you with that.

So, let’s move ahead without wasting a single minute and dove into learning more about cleaning a gaming mouse pad.

Different methods to wash gaming mouse pads

Before cleaning a gaming mouse pad, one must know which type of mouse pad they own? If you think that you can easily sling your mouse pad in the washing machine and turn it on, then you are wrong. A gaming mouse pad needs delicate handling, and so does the case to wash such mouse pads.

Many types of mouse pads require different kinds of approaches to wash them. You might be wondering why it is made too complex to soak a mouse pad? It is so because the material used to make these gaming mouse pads needs extra care to prevent them from being damaged.

What type of mouse pad do you have?

Before cleaning a mouse pad, you must know which type you own so that you may take absolute precautions to clean that particular type of mouse pad. Aside from that, the material used to make these gaming mouse pads vary.

Even more, the material may be fabric, plastic, even glass, or anything in between these. If you own any one of these mouse pads, then a wet cloth will be sufficient to clean it and make it look tidy and hygienic.

However, when it comes to a fabric mouse pad, they have to be cleaned thoroughly unless all the spots are vanishing.

Things you must have to clean your gaming mouse pad

You’ll have to wait for a second before going into the cleaning procedure. You must have the following items to clean your mouse pad:

  • A bathtub or a big washing area
  • Warm or lukewarm water
  • A thick towel
  • Any form of soap

Step to Clean the gaming mouse pad

Step 1: Place the mouse pad in the bathtub

First of all, place your mouse pad in the bathtub. Also, apply some soap to the surface of your mouse pad.

Step 2: Add some warm water to the mouse pad.

Pour in some warm water, so the mixture quickly reaches every corner of the mouse pad.

Step 3: A gentle massage 

Now it is high time to do a gentle massage to your mouse pad with the help of a soft scrub or brush.

Step 4: Circular motion

Make sure to clean your mouse pad in a circular motion for a thorough clean and deep clean.

Step 5: Use a showerhead or mug

Now turn the showerhead on and slowly pour water on the mouse pad to rinse all the soap off the mouse pad.

Step 6: Wrap a thick towel.

Now clean the mouse pad with the help of a thick towel and wrap it around your mouse pad.

Steps to follow in order to Clean your Gaming Mouse Pad
How to Clean a Gaming Mouse Pad

Step 7: Put some pressure.

Put some pressure on the towel so that the drying process takes minimum time.

Step 8: Air dry

Now air dry your mouse pad entirely so that no moisture is left behind. That’s it. Your Gaming mouse Pad is neat and clean.


It is not that difficult to clean a mouse pad as all the mousepads require different cleaning methods. Moreover, a more suitable approach to clean a mouse pad makes it work in the long run.

Aside from that, the steps discussed above will surely make a massive difference after the entire procedure is complete.

Even more, you can get a better surface after you follow these steps. This cleaning will directly impact how to perform while playing a particular game.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean your mousepad regularly to prevent any permanent stains on it.

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